Perspectives: Quotes in the News

"I tell a lot of my soldiers: a good way to prepare for operations in Iraq is to watch the sixth season of 'The Sopranos'."
Maj. Gen.Rick Lynch,commander of U.S. forces in central Iraq, on how the insurgency is increasingly fueled by"mafioso kind of activity"seen in the hit television show

"We have never been experiencing such big pressure."
Chinese Prime MinisterWen Jiabao,on how the declining U.S. dollar is making it difficult to manage China's $1.43 trillion in foreign-exchange reserves

"The idea that we are complacent about this is quite ridiculous."
British Prime MinisterGordon Brown,apologizing for his government's loss of 25 millionchild-benefitrecords on two missing discs

"We will not surrender, and we will not retreat."
French PresidentNicolas Sarkozy,vowing not to back down from his confrontation with labor unions, as civil-service employees staged a walkout over job cuts and transit workers continued their strike

"Last time around we removed three zeroes and they quickly returned."
Zimbabwe's central-bank governorGideon Gono,introducing new dollar notes with little hint of despair, and remarking how quickly hyperinflation devalued the last currency