Words and Images from Ferguson

"These are not human targets. These are our babies," protesters in front of City Hall. Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Newsweek reporter Alexander Nazaryan traveled to Ferguson, Missouri, to report on the days of unrest and protest that followed the shooting of a black teenager, Michael Brown, by a white police officer. He brought back quotes from residents and protesters. 

08_18_FergusonQuotes_11 "I can't sleep at night," a woman standing just a few feet away from where Michael Brown was shot. Joshua Lott/AFP/Getty 08_18_FergusonQuotes_10 "We are sticking together for once," Reno Ward, 32. Joe Raedle/Getty 08_18_FergusonQuotes_09 "Come out here, you know what's right and wrong," Protester to two white men standing in a doorway, watching the standoff between police and protesters Scott Olson/Getty 08_18_FergusonQuotes_08 "The only good cop is a dead cop," graffiti near the epicenter of Wednesday night's riot. Scott Olson/Getty 08_18_FergusonQuotes_07 "They're trying to make it a Gaza Strip," Jetaun Rodgers. Lucas Jackson/Reuters 08_18_FergusonQuotes_06 "People lost. They don't know what to believe," Treyvo, 19. Charlie Riedel/AP 08_18_FergusonQuotes_05 "It's very bad in St. Louis. The police think they are untouchable," Benjamin Hoover, 67. Joshua Lott/AFP/Getty 08_18_FergusonQuotes_04 "The dogs, the tear gas… It haven't gotten no better," James Cias, 61, who grew up in Mississippi during the Civil Rights era Joe Raedle/Getty 08_18_FergusonQuotes_03 "I fucking hate Ferguson," a teenager entering Ferguson Public Library Lucas Jackson/Reuters 08_18_FergusonQuotes_02 "They're not from our community," Ferguson resident, on those who started riot. Lucas Jackson/Reuters