Poll: Public Blames Bush for Recession. That's Not Good News for Obama.

A poll released by CBS/New York Times today shows that more Americans (31 percent) blame the Bush administration than the Obama administration (7 percent) for the country's economic woes. The DNC blasted out the findings to its press list, presumably to highlight that people still recall Bush's role in the mess, but I don't think the poll is actually good news for Democrats. Sure, Americans recall that the recession began before Obama took office, but they're looking to Obama to fix it, and right now are largely unimpressed with the results. Fifty-six percent of respondents didn't think Obama had a plan to create jobs; 52 percent disapprove of his handling of the economy; and 58 percent disapprove of his handling of the deficit.

Even if the public blames Bush for the problem, it's put the responsibility for the solution squarely on Obama's shoulders (as it should, seeing he's the president and all). Blaming Bush doesn't give the president a reprieve, and if Democrats are looking to use that as a strategy in November's elections, they're going to need to convince a lot more voters that their solutions are working better than Bush's would have. Simply invoking Bush just ain't gonna cut it.