Times Square Area Explosion Live Updates: Blast Reported in New York's Port Authority Bus Terminal During Morning Commute

Police officers stand outside the New York Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City after reports of an explosion. Reuters
  • An explosion occurred at approximately 7:20 a.m. at Port Authority Bus Terminal — a central hub for bus travel in New York City near Times Square.
  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called the explosion a "terror-related incident" using a "low-tech device." 
  • The attacker has been identified as 27-year-old Akayed Ullah, who is believed to have acted alone. He is alive and has been transported to Bellevue Hospital in New York.
  • No fatalities were reported from the attack, but four individuals were reportedly injured, including Ullah.
  • President Donald Trump has been briefed on the incident. There are no other threats to the city reported, officials said.

  1211_Port_Authority Police officers stand on a closed West 42nd Street near the New York Port Authority Bus Terminal after an attack near Times Square. Reuters

Update: 9:45 a.m. ET - New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called the explosion at the Port Authority Bus Terminal a "terror-related incident." 

Cuomo confirmed there was a "low-tech device" that exploded near the bus terminal, resulting in four total injuries, including the suspect. NYPD Deputy Commissioner Of Intelligence And Counterterrorism John Miller said the explosive was based on a pipe bomb.

Officials identified the suspect as 27-year-old Akayed Ullah, who had an explosive device strapped to his body with zip ties.

"This is New York, and the reality is that we are a target by many who would like to make a statement against democracy against freedom," Cuomo said during a press conference. "We understand that."

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called the explosion an "attempted terrorist attack." He said there are no other known threats to the city at this time and the attacker acted alone.

Update: 9:10 a.m. ET - The male suspect in the attack near Times Square Monday suffered non-life-threatening injuries and is being taken to Bellevue Hospital, about two miles away from the Port Authority Bus Terminal, the site of the blast. He has not been identified.

There have been four non-life-threatening injuries reported from the attack, according to the New York City Fire Department. 

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said police officers, firefighters and first responders are working to secure the area and an investigation is underway.

1211_Port_Authority Police and fire crews block off the streets near the New York Port Authority in New York City after reports. Reuters

Update: 8:51 a.m. ET - The New York City Fire Department said first responders are on the scene at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. There is one non-life-threatening injury reported.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is headed to the scene of the explosion at 42nd Street and 8th Avenue.

Update: 8:44 a.m. ET - The New York Police Department reports that one male suspect is in custody after an explosion near Times Square in New York City. The suspect is reportedly injured, but there are no other reported injuries, officials said on Twitter

People are advised to avoid the area surrounding Times Square, which is estimated to see hundreds of thousands of pedestrians every day. 

1211_Port_Authority Commuters exit the New York Port Authority in New York City after reports of an explosion. Reuters

Update: 8:36 a.m. ET - A major bus terminal in New York City is under lockdown after a reported explosion at the Port Authority bus terminal near Times Square on Monday morning.

The New York Police Department said some passengers have been evacuated from the bus terminal and surrounding subway lines were routed around the station. There were no immediate reports of injuries from New York officials.

President Donald Trump was briefed Monday morning on the explosion in New York City, according to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has also been briefed.

One suspect was reportedly injured and has been taken into custody. 

Police have not immediately determined the cause of the attack or if there is any connection to terrorism.