Now you can watch "Napoleon Dynamite" and share your bed with him, too. Sheets based on last summer's sleeper are about to hit stores, along with lamps, energy drinks and a talking pen ("You guys are retarded"). Most movie booty is released at the same time as the film. But Fox says it never planned for "Napoleon" to be such a hit. "We've been working hard to keep up," says Virginia King, executive director of licensing and merchandising. The "Napoleon" product frenzy began last October at the teen store Hot Topic, which carried the vote for pedro T shirt. The movie's fans made it "our best-selling shirt in the last year," says Cindy Levitt, the chain's vice president of merchandising. (Fox says it now has 500,000 of them in the marketplace.) By the summer--with new followers of the DVD--Hot Topic was selling 200 different products. Now "Napoleon" is part of back-to-school at Target, which stocked up in July. "It's the strongest-selling license on the young men's floor," says chain buyer Amy Pfingsten. The new surge makes you wonder if fans will get a sequel. Says King, "We're very hopeful."