Protesting Glenn Beck, one haiku at a time

Rather than marching with bucket drums and waving signs in the streets, the Jewish Fund for Justice is taking to the tweets—or, ah, Twitter—to protest Glenn Beck’s inflammatory remarks comparing social justice religious groups with communism or Nazism. The group is calling for protesters to tweet haikus to Beck’s Twitter account and inundate the talk-show host with quippy poetry for 24 hours by posting a new haiku every minute. The “Twitterstorm” will end Wednesday at 9 p.m.

Here are some of our own @GlennBeck tweet haikus:

With tears running down
his maudlin face, Glenn Beck is
crying to the bank

Beck hates religion
so, at least he is not a
new Pat Buchanan

Who would have thought that
Jews might find comparisons to
Nazis offensive