Q&A: Dakota Fanning on Cheerleading, Acting

How does it feel to have two movies opening on the same day?
I've never had that before. It's so neat.

You're a high-school sophomore, right?

Are you doing the SATs this year?
I already took the practice PSAT. Next year, I take the PSAT.

Are you a math girl or an English girl?
English girl. I like math, but because I'm only a sophomore, I'm in geometry. On the SAT, there's a lot higher maths on there.

Are you going to college?
I think I definitely want to go to college.

What would you study?
I don't know. I could always study drama. I think that would be really cool.

But Dakota, you're already an actress!
There's always more you can learn. If I wanted to do something totally different, I love history.

I saw some pictures of you as a cheerleader. Are you still doing that?
I am. It's a different season now—that was for football, now I'm doing basketball.

Did you have to try out?
Yes. They were a while ago. But I was nervous.

You became an Academy member at 12. Were you allowed to watch R-rated movies?
I was, because by that time I'd been acting for, like, six years. I'd been in R-rated movies. It's so great because you get to watch them all.

What do you like this year?
I can't say who I voted for, but I loved "Milk." I really enjoyed "The Reader." And my sister is in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."

Who does she play?
Cate Blanchett, when she's younger.

Would you ever star in a movie together?
Definitely. She's played me younger in "I Am Sam" and "Taken."

Did she ask you for any advice on playing you?
She didn't! She was quite little. In "I Am Sam," she was like 2 years old. She's 4 years younger than me. She does look up to me a lot, which I love. I think that's so cute.


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