Q&A: Hayden Christensen

Hayden Christensen teleports around the world in the new sci-fi movie "Jumper." He spoke to Ramin Setoodeh.

Is it true that you own a farm?
I bought it for my family. It's just north of Toronto, and I spend some time there.

Do you do any chores?
You can't really classify it as a chore after you're 16 years old.

But do you milk the cows?
I don't have any cows to milk yet. Eventually. But I do a lot of the work myself.

Like fixing up the farmhouse. There's a few hayfields on the property that we had to cut.

How do you cut a hayfield?
There's a tractor that does the cutting. I can't actually take credit for the driving of the tractor, because at the time I didn't know how to do it. I brought in a farmer who did. But I got myself a tractor now, so next year I'll be all over it.

Do you need a tractor license?
Good question. Not as far as I know. But I could be wrong. I know you need a license to drive a dump truck.

How do you know that?
Because I have one and I don't have a license. That was a slight oversight on my part.

Why do you have a dump truck?
Because I have a farm.

Do you go around collecting the neighbors ' trash?
I'm using it more for relocating dirt on my property.

Have you ever done an interview where you weren ' t asked about " Star Wars " ?
Very few.

Because I don ' t have any " Stars Wars " questions.
You've got no "Star Wars" questions? Amazing! You're a rarity, my friend.

Well, now I ' m feeling bad.
Don't feel bad.

How about this: do you keep a light saber on your farm?
I have a light saber from "Episode III." I asked for one. It's nice because before the farm, I didn't really have a place where I could keep my stuff. I moved out of my parents' house when I was 18, and started working right away and never settled down.

Is it a big light saber?
It's not particularly big. It's average size.

That ' s nice to know. Does it work?
None of them actually work.

Because if it did, you could cut hayfields with it.
Wouldn't that be awesome? The visual is very funny. I can picture it.

What are you working on next?
I'm unemployed right now. But I'm happy to take a little bit of time to go back to the farm and check up on things. I've got a couple pigs up there.

Did you name them, or are you going to eat them, or both?
I named them Buddy and Petunia. I'm not going to eat them! Definitely not. They're miniature puplike pigs that run around the house. They're house pets. I used to love pork, and I can't eat it anymore.

George Clooney used to sleep with his pig.
I don't sleep with my pigs. But we hang out on the couch together and watch "Iron Chef." They're not really interested in watching TV with me. But they're present.

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