Quotes in the News: Ehud Olmert and More

"I am proud to be the prime minister of a country that investigates its prime ministers."
Israel's Prime MinisterEhud Olmert, announcing his plan to resign in September due to an ongoing corruption investigation against him

"I do understand the importance of the computer. I understand the importance of the blogs."
Republican presidential candidateJohn McCain, who was criticized as being technologically behind the times after admitting that he'd never used Google

"They're simply running out of options."
—Jean-Pierre de Margerie, the World Food Program's director for North Korea, where millions of people are facing the worst famine in nearly a decade due to flooding last year, higher oil and commodity prices and a decline in aid shipments

"We are removing 10 zeros from our monetary value. Ten billion dollars today will be reduced to $1."
Central bank governorGideon Gono, on his efforts to restore stability to the Zimbabwe dollar, which is so battered by inflation that even the new $100 billion notes were not enough to buy a loaf of bread

"We have water."
William Boynton, the lead scientist for the Mars lander's thermal gas laboratory, confirming that Mars once contained water

"If energy costs are as high as rents, people will consider whether they're not able to live reasonably well at room temperatures ... with a warm sweater on."
German Finance MinisterThilo Sarrazin, whose call for conservation led to calls for his resignation from newspaper readers accusing him of insensitivity to the human toll of rising oil costs