A Railroad Car Of One’s Own

Reminiscent of a bygone era of cigar smoke and three-piece suits, vintage railroad cars have been restored to their former glory with art deco interiors, private bathrooms and five-star chefs. For about $7,000 a day, these cars can be hitched to passenger or freight trains for private charter through parts of the United States, Mexico and Canada (aaprco.com). The Hickory Creek, a fully restored 1948 Pullman car, once ferried movie stars and media from New York to Chicago along the 20th Century Limited line. Today the dining car uses heavy silver and original waiter uniforms to ensure that guests soak in "some of that Cary Grant feeling," says charter agent Scott Clauss (startrakinc.com). Riders on the opulent Metis Rail car, built in 1928 for Queen Elizabeth to tour Canada, can dine on lobster and truffles in the formal mahogany dining room (www.american.rail .com). They'll hope the trip never ends.