Right Wing: Jihad Jane Proof That Domestic Surveillance Works

William Teach of RightWingNews.com writes: “Yes, the War on Terrorism is real and still matters.” He explores the case of Colleen LaRose, a.k.a. "Fatima LaRose" or "Jihad Jane," who has been held in U.S. custody since October and was indicted this week for providing material support to terrorists and plotting to kill a Swedish cartoonist who in 2007 angered Muslims by depicting Muhammad with the body of a dog.

“First, this is the type of case that does belong in civilian court, as she is an American citizen,” Teach writes. “Second, this is, at first appearance, the exact type of case that should be tried as treason, and as a capital case, which doesn't seem to be in the works. Third, our so-called by liberals/Bush haters "domestic surveillance" works.” 

Teach tacks on a last point: “Fourth, how soon till the Lefties rally to her side?” Teach may be disappointed; so far, there is far less coverage of LaRose on liberal and progressive sites. (Watch for upcoming blogpost "Left Wing" that will track what progressive and liberal media are obsessing about this week).

Teach links to The Jawa Report, which appears to have been following LaRose for some time. In an update, blogger Rusty writes: “You may remember that we've had a long, er, "relationship" with Jihad Jane. To be honest, Colleen seemed more of a loser and a nut than someone who would actually be involved in worldwide jihad. But I suppose that since I am constantly reminding people that "nut" and "jihadi" are not mutually exclusive terms that perhaps I should have heeded my own cautionary warnings? Howie used to have fun here behind the scenes digging up old pictures of her wearing slutty outfits (not good, trust me) and boozing it up with her red neck buddies (before she took the veil). [You still have that pic Howie? Update: See pics below].”

Their story links to an Internet profile that appears to be held by LaRose and has not yet been taken down. The site includes jihad-related videos from Chechnya and the Middle East that appear to have been posted by Fatima LaRose. Profile information on the account states that the account was originally created in 2007 by woman who calls herself FatimaLaRose, 46, YellowBrickRoad, United States. It includes a quotation from the Quran and one aside: “Wallah i am getting fed up with jew-tube(AKA) You-tube!!