Right Wing: The Mexican Drug Cartel Stimulus Package

This Week in Conservative Media

I will confess that I am particularly interested in the following story (as is Michelle Malkin) because I’ve lived in Arizona and also reported from there on cartel violence spillover. Other conservative media outlets don’t seem terribly focused on the apparent murder of a border-area rancher by the name of Krentz, but I expect that’s a matter of time—health care will temporarily fade from the news cycle and immigration reform will, temporarily, crop back up. When it does, expect the murder, and some of Malkin’s other concerns, to gain more traction in the conservative blogosphere.

Malkin, for once, actually just states the facts (this is her front-page story today) and picks excerpts from local media. “Rob Krentz was a Cochise County, AZ cattle farmer who had battled the bloody consequences of illegal immigration for years. Over the weekend, his dead body was found on his ranch. The longtime rancher had been gunned down. Police are investigating the homicide.” About 10 days earlier, however, Malkin did editorialize in a piece titled “The Slaughter on the Southern Border." This was before the Krentz apparent homicide, but Malkin doesn’t lack for examples, nor would anyone these days unfortunately. She discusses the details of the recent fatal attack on U.S. consulate employees (and the lone survivor, a now orphaned 7-month-old in the back seat) in Ciudad Juarez, a recent round of murders and beheadings in Acapulco, but her focus is on U.S. aid to Mexico to fight violence and where that money is really going.

The Merida Initiative has been funneling money into Mexico to prevent exactly these kinds of attacks, but drug-related violence has continued to spiral out of control. Secretary of State Clinton recently announced an expansion of the program, but is it working? Malkin wonders, and I expect—with more stories like the murder of the border rancher and the U.S. consulate killings—that when health care stops dominating others will start asking too.

“Judging from the endless pile of corpses and horrific headlines, the Merida Initiative has turned out to be a boon and a boondoggle for the Mexican thugocracy. The civilian police force is notoriously under the thumb of the drug networks across the country. Infiltrators have penetrated at all levels,” writes Malkin. Expanding the program, she argues, "This is a recipe for an even bloodier Mexican Drug Cartel Stimulus Package. If you subsidize it, you’ll get more of it. Loco.”