Up the River, But Living It Up

Peruvian ex-leader Alberto Fujimori, in jail awaiting trial for alleged crimes, no longer lives in a palace. But like many incarcerated tyrants, prison spokespeople and lawyers say, he's living better than you might expect.

Manuel Noriega
Panama, ex-president
Charge: Convicted of drug trafficking, racketeering
Location: Miami
Prison-cell amenities: Low-security private quarters features living room, office, patio, bathroom and kitchenette with microwave (he can order popcorn on demand). Also has in-room access to cable TV and exercise bike.

Alberto Fujimori
Peru, ex-president
Charge: Awaiting trial for corruption, death squads
Location: Lima
Prison-cell amenities: Housed in 1,075-sq.-ft. 'holding area.' Includes kitchen with four-person dining-room set and 272-sq.-ft. patio lined with trees. Also allowed use of guitar and typewriter; access to magazines and newspapers.

Vojislav Seselj
Yugoslavia, ex-dep. P.M.
Charge: Awaiting trial for inciting ethnic cleansing
Location: The Hague
Prison-cell amenities: Serb has access to TV; radio; computer; English, ceramics, model-ship-building classes. Can also play volleyball with other war criminals. Downside: must live alongside ex-Croatian military nemesis.

Charles Taylor
Liberia, ex-president
Charge: Awaiting trial for crimes against humanity
Location: The Hague
Prison-cell amenities: Held down the cell block from Seselj. Has two large cells, satellite dish, DVD player. Complained about 'Eurocentric' food; was granted right to order in African ingredients from local grocer.