Road Test : Town & Country Ltd.

Room For Living

Chrysler understands that some Americans hate to leave the comforts of home behind. That’s why it built this fifth-generation Town & Country, which is the closest thing to a living room on wheels. Back seats swivel 180 degrees to form a conversation pit where four captain’s-style chairs face one another. Add the removable table and it’s an instant homework station, or a comfy spot for a game of Monopoly. All back-seat riders are perfectly positioned in stadium seating to see video screens, should Mom or Dad decide to quiet the troops with a dose of “Toy Story.” There’s even the option of kid-friendly live TV, including Cartoon Network, the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

Outside, the Town & Country looks great with loads more chrome trim than last year’s model, plus the option of blacked-out rear windows for a more intriguing look. Inside, ambient aqua-colored lighting made my family and me look exotic. Also, my tester wore rich colors of ivory and taupe, a tug from Lexus’s luxurious styling. And back-seat fabric comes in an anti-stain, anti-odor material for easy clean-ups. No question, Chrysler put a lot of thought into how Americans commute. Now if only the T&C came with a lifetime supply of Mom’s blueberry pies.

Tip: This top-of-the-line model has one-touch automatic fold-down rear seats.