Safety: Summer Survival

We hate to be a buzzkill. But the great outdoors can be as dangerous as it is beautiful. Dr. Paul Auerbach, author of "Medicine for the Outdoors," gives his top tips on staying out of trouble this season:

First, the obvious. Liberally apply 15 SPF sunscreen, even under clothes (white cotton provides an SPF of only 5 to 8). And get plenty of liquids. In hot, humid conditions, that can mean up to a quart an hour.

Jellyfish stings appear to be on the rise. Carry a small bottle of vinegar or rubbing alcohol in your beach bag. If you get stung, it'll ease the pain.

If you touch poison ivy, oak or sumac, remove the irritating resin as soon as possible with rubbing alcohol followed by a soap-and-water rinse. In a pinch use just soap and water.

For kids under 6, don't use insect repellent that's more than 15 percent DEET.

If you see lightning, get away from water, hilltops and clearings. Tents and ragtop cars aren't protective.