Hobby Lobby
Demonstrators in support of abortion and contraceptive rights read on their mobile phones as the ruling for Hobby Lobby against their cause was announced outside the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington June 30, 2014. Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

The Supreme Court of the United States, or SCOTUS for short, is nine Justices who decide the great legal questions of our day. SCOTUSBlog is an unaccredited blog that provides news and analysis about the Supreme Court, but is no way affiliated with the Court. Many Twitter users think SCOTUSBlog and SCOTUS are the same thing.

The notion that SCOTUSBlog is controlled by the Justices is a bit surprising given that SCOTUSBLog is, well, a blog, while the Justices still can’t figure out email, but who are we to judge?

SCOTUSBlog covered today’s unpopular Hobby Lobby decision, as it does every Supreme Court Decision. And people on Twitter got angry, as they always do. Luckily, SCOTUSBlog took the mixup(s) in stride. Here are 10 of its best responses to the multiple cases of mistaken identity: