Watch Scuba-Diving Robot Exploring Ocean Depths

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OceanOne, a new humanoid robotic diver from Stanford, explores a 17th century shipwreck. The AI robot can access areas too dangerous for human divers to reach. Frederic Osada and Teddy Seguin/DRASSM

A humanoid robotic diver has been developed that scientists and archeologists hope will open up a new realm of deep sea exploration.  

OceanOne, created by researchers at Stanford University, combines artificial intelligence with human-controlled haptic feedback systems to carry out underwater tasks too dangerous for human divers.

Guided by a team of deep-sea archeologists, OceanOne has already been used to investigate the shipwreck of La Lune, the flagship vessel of King Louis XIV that sank in 1664 off the southern coast of France.

“OceanOne will be your avatar,” said Oussama Khatib, a professor of computer science at Stanford. “The intent here is to have a human diving virtually, to put the human out of harm’s way.

“Having a machine that has human characteristics that can project the human diver’s embodiment at depth is going to be amazing.”