Slideshow: On the Rope Line

BEAUFORT, S.C.--Shots from the Obama post-game show at the University of South Carolina-Beaufort:

Eye to Eye: Obama spots Stumper in the crowd

Speaking of security, it's been particularly intense here in South Carolina. I followed Obama in Iowa and New Hampshire without any static, but so far today the police or Secret Service guys have...

... nearly removed and destroyed a backpack I left unattended for 15 seconds.

... barred me from returning to my car for ten full minutes because Obama was departing from the same lot.

... locked me out of both the media and public entrances to a high-school rally after I arrived five minutes late. 

... and shouted me down, pulled up beside me on motorcycle and turned me back when I walked down a driveway they'd blocked off to vehicles.

I wonder if the threats that earned Obama the earliest Secret Service detail in election history are worse here than elsewhere.

Or maybe it's just because Stumper looks so menacing.