'The Passion of the Christ'
Directed by Mel Gibson
What you get on the DVD of Mel Gibson's dramatization of the crucifixion of Christ--scheduled for release on Aug. 31--is exactly what you got in the theater, nothing more or less, unless you count the theatrical trailer. Anyone who'd been hoping for the extras that accompany most DVDs will be disappointed at the absence of commentary tracks, interviews with cast and crew and--most glaring--historical background material. We can only hope that the filmmakers are planning a more deluxe version to be released at Christmas or Easter. This is one case where more would actually be more.
--Malcolm Jones

'Bill Cosby, Himself'
Directed by Bill Cosby
This classic 1982 concert film star-ring America's favorite granddad is a study in hilarity. The King of Pudding Pops tells tales of parenthood, toilet bowls and drug use--but redeemed by wit, intelligence and Cosby's impeccable timing.
--Devon Thomas

Martin Scorsese Collection
This is an invaluable compilation of the five pictures Scorsese made for Warner Brothers, loaded with behind-the-scenes extras. The one to start with is the 1973 "Mean Streets," his most personal (and widely imitated) film. The second gem is his violent anthropological gangster epic "Goodfellas," which includes a second disc of commentary. You'll also get to see his fascinating, funky black-and-white first feature, "Who's That Knocking at My Door?" with Harvey Keitel, his dark SoHo farce "After Hours" and--for a breather after all this macho intensity--the delightful "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore," as close to cuddly as Scorsese's ever come.
--David Ansen