Everyone's happy when he's winning, and Latrell Sprewell's no exception. After a sometimes turbulent time in New York, Sprewell tells NEWSWEEK he's been "reborn" on the Minnesota Timberwolves, who have the second best record in the Western Conference. "They make it fun to play again," says Spree. He's got other things to be happy about, like this weekend's launch of his new shoe. Codesigned by Dada, it's got "spinners" built in; they circle when you walk, just like the wheel rims on the most popular rides in urban communities. "It took our designer a year to make the final touches," says Lavitta Williams, Dada's co-owner and president. But Nike is apparently interested in more than just Spree's spinners. Williams says that, because Nike views her company as serious competition, Nike has "made it very hard for us. We're in litigation." (Nike didn't return calls for comment.) It's understandable if Nike's feeling protective. Though it's launching a new Michael Jordan shoe this weekend, sales of his apparel have slipped since his retirement; it's too soon to gauge returns on high-school phenom LeBron James, and Nike is also currently paying for a Kobe Bryant shoe that might not be released.