Some Baracklava with Your Sloppy Joes?

By Sarah Kliff

There's an abundance of McCain and Obama themed cookies, ice creams and cakes available for order on the Internet. But try and find anything more substantive than dessert and you come up pretty short-handed. So last night, looking to fill that hole, I invited a dozen friends to take their best shot at summing up two years of a historic campaign in one potluck dinner. The requirements: every dish had to say something about the election, the candidates or a particularly memorable campaign moment.

The guests did not disappoint. The dinner, in fact, served as something of a campaign retrospective. Some--like my roommate, who baked Baracklava--played off the candidates' names. Many revived classic campaign one-liners: Pigs (in a blanket) with (ketchup) Lipstick; ‘I Can See Russia' Borscht; and ‘Drill Baby' Bundt Cake, which was covered in a barrel of oil (chocolate sauce).

Others used the opportunity to highlight the candidates' most memorable traits--for better or worse. Biden's gaffes became Sloppy Joes. McCain's Meatballs were 100-percent vegetarian--a reflection of the Republican nominee's "maverick" spirit. Obama's ‘arugula' comment--from way back in August 2007--turned into Obama's Elitist Potato Salad (follow the New York Times recipe, which replaces mayonnaise with goat cheese). There was even a six-pack of bipartisan beer: half Blue Moon, half Red Stripe.

Although the room did contain a few certified election junkies, there was little debate over a favored candidate. This crowd, not surprisingly for a group of 20-somethings in Manhattan, was made up largely of Obama supporters. To them, his win tomorrow seemed like a given, so much of the campaign conversation shifted toward the lighter events of the last fews days: McCain's Saturday Night Live skit, Palin's prank Sarkozy call. No one went home hungry last night, but there might have been one dish missing among the confident Obamans--a slice of humble pie.

Got any campaign-themed recipes? Share them below.