Sports: Pack Up A Kayak

Next time you're planning to bike Europe or paddle the tropics, don't worry about hauling your clunky bike or renting a canoe. Gear makers have come up with a new generation of foldable, collapsible and inflatable equipment that allows you to fit your bike or boat into an airline-friendly suitcase or duffel with the twist of a screw. When you're venturing by land, Ritchey's Break-Away collapsible travel bike ($2,500; rides like a racer. Fly to Paris, stash the carrying case in a train-station locker and pedal through vineyards on your 19-pound ride. If you prefer an island adventure, pack the Kahuna, a 35-pound collapsible kayak ($2,250; It's made for light, fast coastal touring, and you don't need any tools to build it. For river runners who prize stability over speed, the B507 Self-Bailing Inflatable Kayak ($479; pumps up in seven minutes and deflates to fit inside a heavy-duty duffel.

And the next time you hit the slopes, skip the snowshoes and bring the Burton S-Series Split Board ($899.95; It divides into two touring skis and eliminates the snowshoes many backcountry skiers use to access woodland peaks. Just pray the airlines don't lose your luggage.