Starting Five for Friday: Durant Breaks Out, 3 Game 7s on Saturday and Teddy Bridgewater

Memphis Grizzlies guard Mike Conley and Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant battle for the ball Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

1. Mr. Reliable  

Kevin Durant scores 36 and grabs 10 rebounds as the Thunder win Game 6 in Memphis. Maybe The Oklahoman was just looking to motivate KD, like when Spicoli trashed Jefferson's car before the big game in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Yeah, that must be it.

2. Magnificent Sevens

Saturday will, for the first time in NBA history, feature a trio of Game 7s in one day (and in three different time zones): Atlanta at Indiana, Memphis at Oklahoma City and Golden State at Los Angeles. Not to be outdone, the NFL threatens to make its draft a 17-day event in June.

3. Bridgewater Falls...  

..should heretofore be the name of the metaphorical gorge down which NFL hopefuls plunge between their final college play and the NFL draft. Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater, who finished fifth in the nation in passing efficiency last season, has gone from prospective No. 1 overall to perhaps a late first-rounder.     

4. "Walk of Shame"

It's new in theaters this weekend, and it also describes your march from the ticket booth to the theater that is showing the film.  

5. To Hab Not

Montreal Canadien goalie Carey Price saves 48 of 51 shots on goal in Les Habs' Game 1 double overtime defeat of the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup conference semi-finals.