Starting Five for Wednesday

Boston Strong
A "Boston Strong" T-shirt at the New York City Marathon Lucas Jackson/Reuters

1. All You Can Eat   NCAA rules that Division I schools may provide "unlimited meals and snacks" to student-athletes. Which school will be first to equip sideline with nacho bar?

2. Boston $trong   The two Emerson College students who began printing "Boston Strong" T-shirts last April in hopes of donating $2,000 to charity have now amassed more than $890,000 after having sold more than 59,000 units.

3. Who Killed Joffrey?   Did Grandpa Tywin Lannisterbequeath him a poisoned sword? Did grandma-in-law Olenna Redwyne poison the red wine? Did Prince Oberyn poison the cake? Fortunately, no one ruminates about this stuff on Twitter.

4. What Price Glory?   A thorough New York Times investigation eviscerates Florida State University and the Tallahassee Police Department in the wake of last fall's rape investigation of Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Jameis Winston.  

5. NHL Playoffs Begin   For the first time since 1973 only one Canadian franchise, Montreal, will vie for the Stanley Cup. Didn't this country win the Olympic gold medal two months ago?