Just because they don't use animal products doesn't mean vegans can't be stylish. In fact, today's creature-friendly designers are making such chic accessories, even carnivores crave them.

Fed up with shopping at Payless for synthetic shoes, the Kubersky sisters opened MooShoes (, where they offer stylish kicks that are leather-free but don't look it.

She isn't even a vegan, but Queen Bee's Rebecca Pearcy ( makes ultracool vinyl messenger bags and wallets in an array of bright colors at affordable prices. Each item is custom-made in her Portland, Ore., studio.

These chic matt & nat bags from Montreal (like the slick pink model, store info at ( are so fabulous that your friends--and many admirers who stop you on the street--will barely believe they're not leather.

The groovy belts and guitar straps from Sparkle Craft (in prints like lime or fuchsia polka dot, at will keep you rockin' long after you've forgotten why you still wear suede.