Men's briefs are borrowing an old trick from the Wonderbra: companies are engineering their latest styles to provide more of a lift. Why? Guys who wear tighter pants are demanding undies with snugger cuts. Plus, these supportive pouches build confidence--or at least that's how the lines are marketed. TIP SHEET's Ramin Setoodeh recruited volunteers to test out the newest styles. Here's how they shaped up.

1. ADAM PLUS EVE ($25; adam A center seam in the pouch holds everything up; less fabric at the hips prevents bunching under tight jeans. How it feels: "Like wearing your mother's underwear." Watch out for a wedgie.

2. UNICO ($15; This pair is cup-shaped to enhance what nature gave you. Comes with a strip of mesh, if you prefer to walk on the wild side. How it feels: "Too tight. I don't think I could wear them for more than an hour."

3. C-IN2 ($15; A microfiber sling is sewn into the pouch. Slip it on for a lift-and-separate effect (not unlike your girlfriend's bra). How it feels: "Damn sexy." Still, "it could use some instructions."

4. DSQUARED ($79 at Saks Fifth Avenue). These ride lower and the pouch is cut shorter for extra lift. How it feels: "These did fill [me] out more--and they're still fairly comfortable."