Polls show the Bush-Kerry race is still a nail-biter, but whoever wins will need a majority on Capitol Hill to get anything done. A look at eight tight Senate matches and three key presidential hot spots.

How the Tossup States Are Swinging
With undecided voters making late breaks left or right, last week's polls show fewer tossups than ever. In the final days, both camps will target Florida, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, and Wisconsin, plus Nev., Colo., Pa. and Iowa: PRESIDENTIAL HOT SPOTS

W leads, but Dems make up the bulk of registered voters for the first time since '99. If turnout surges, Kerry could pull a Red Sox.

BC04's best chance for a big-state pickup. Last week's polls give Bush an average edge of 1.2%; Gore won by .2%

Kerry has held a slim lead in every Oct. poll, but Bush isn't backing off: last week he landed here for the 40th time since '01.


A growing Hispanic vote could swing this seat to Ken Salazar, but Pete Coors has deep pockets. The polls are mixed.

Former Democratic gov. Tony Knowles is up by 4 against incumbent Lisa Murkowski, who has had to defend her appointment to the seat by her father.

South Dakota:
Polls show John Thune could oust Tom Daschle, who'd be the first Senate party boss to lose his seat in 52 years.

North Carolina:
In a race that's cost $18 million, Erskine Bowles leads Richard Burr by 1 for John Edwards's seat.

South Carolina:
Even after clumsy remarks on single mothers and lesbians, Republican Jim DeMint may hang on against Inez Tenenbaum.

The battle between Cuban-American Mel Martinez and Democrat Betty Castor has been fierce and dirty, but recent polls show Martinez slipping.

If front-runner Republican David Vitter can't pull down a majority of the vote in this four-way race, then we'll have to wait for a runoff in Dec.

House Speaker Hastert said he doubts fellow GOPer Tom Coburn will beat Brad Carson, but recent polls show it's still very much a race.

Campaign stops: Both camps hit Fla., Iowa, Ohio, Minn., Pa., Wis., N.M., Colo. BC04 visited Mich., W.Va., N.J. KC04 toured Nev., N.H.
Ad buys: How beastly: W's new ad uses wolves to suggest Kerry's soft on terror; KE04's ostrich spot accuses W of burying his head in the sand.