Taking a Climate Bill Beyond Climate Change

New York Times scribe Tom Friedman is at it again, banging his drum for a sweeping climate bill. Except now, as the hour is nigh to harness the moment—a “perfect storm,” as he calls it, of an environmental disaster, rising oil dependence, and growing tech competition overseas— the drumbeat is getting louder. In today’s column, Friedman aggressively identifies what he appears to call a crisis of foresight in the Senate. From the piece:

Rather than think seriously about our endless dependence on oil, the G.O.P. has focused its energies on making “climate change” a four-letter word and labeling any Democrat who supports legislation that would in any way raise energy prices to diminish our dependence on oil as a “carbon taxer.”

Unfortunately, Obama and the Democrats never effectively fought back. They should have said: “O.K., you Republicans don’t believe in global warming? Fine. Forget about global warming. That’s between you and your beach house. How about this? Do you believe in population growth? Do you believe in the American dream? Because, according to the U.N., the world’s population is going to grow from roughly 6.7 billion people today to about 9.2 billion by 2050. And in today’s integrated world, more and more of those 9.2 billion will aspire to, and be able to, live like Americans—with American-size cars, homes and Big Macs. In that world, demand for fossil fuels is going to go through the roof—and all the bad things that go with it."

If it weren’t for copyright laws, I’d post the whole thing. But you can read it here.