Taking Your Favorite Shows On The Road

Thanks to a new wave of handheld, video-friendly devices, it's never been easier to keep yourself (or the kids) entertained. If you plan to eye lots of video, consider a display of at least 7.5 centimeters. Expect to squeeze 20 to 60 hours of video into 16 gigabytes. For the video itself, iPod owners can download movies and TV shows from Apple's iTunes Store, while other devices play videos bought from services like Amazon, Unbox and Wal-Mart.

The iPod touch features a roomy 8cm screen, built-in wireless and a slick touchscreen interface ($299 for 8 Gbytes, $399 for 16 Gbytes; apple.com). Samsung's YP-P2 features its own 7.6cm widescreen touch-controlled display and stereo Bluetooth for wireless listening. But with only 8 Gbytes and no expansion slot, storage runs out quickly ($200 for 4 Gbytes, $250 for 8 Gbytes; samsung.com). At 6cm, SanDisk's Sansa View screen is as small as we'd go. But it does claim to have the longest battery life—seven hours for video versus five for the others ($150 for 8 Gbytes, $200 for 15 Gbytes; sandisk.com). Archos's 605 WiFi sports an 11cm screen, huge storage and pop-out kickstand. Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to buy videos wirelessly. One drawback: downloads can take hours ($300 for 30 Gbytes, $400 for 160; archos.com). But at least you'll have a great video library.