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  • sex-addiction-lee

    The Sex Addiction Epidemic

    It wrecks ­marriages, ­destroys ­careers, and saps self-worth. Yet ­Americans are being ­diagnosed as sex ­addicts in ­record numbers. Inside an epidemic.
  • bloombergs-ny-fe05

    Bloomberg's Plan for World Domination

    With an army of reporters and wonky information services, the media company is expanding from Wall Street to Washington, Where it hopes to control—even more.
  • rent-my-life-fe03

    Rent My Life!

    Get a job? yeah, right. there's a much quicker way to make a buck when the economy's in the tank.
  • hedy-lamar-book-om03

    Brainiest Bombshell

    How the world’s most beautiful woman helped invent GPS, Wi-Fi, and a homing torpedo.
  • brain-spending-fe02-begely

    Stop! You Can't Afford It.

    New science unveils how your brain is hard-wired when it comes to spending—and how you can reboot it.
  • tech-seer-jobs-fe25

    The Tech Seer

    Steve Jobs wasn’t always right, but his ability to foresee innovations was uncanny. Here are a few of his more remarkable predictions.
  • jobs-flops-fe13sidebar-interactive-tease

    The Wilderness Years

    The bleakest time in Jobs’s career would turn out to be his most productive.
  • aple-design-fe24-inline1

    Design Different

    Steve Jobs’s true genius was in design—from phones to retail, he reshaped our world with a look that was cool, clean, and friendly.
  • frenemies-gates-fe16

    The Best of Frenemies

    The relationship between Gates and Jobs was always complicated, sometimes nasty, and, in the end, surprisingly tender.
  • jobs-health-timeline-fe03sidebar

    A Chief's Gradual Decline

    Though he repeatedly asserted he was in good health, Jobs’s physical deterioration was increasingly evident.
  • steve-jobs-influence-wozniak

    Garage Band

    Steve Wozniak built a motherboard. Steve Jobs built a business. The seeds of Apple’s triumph.

    The Jobs Number

    He changed more than the computer business. Jobs transformed every industry he touched.
  • apples-seeds-of-innovation-image1

    Thanks for the Future

    How a college dropout trusted his gut, defied corporate America, and carried us into tomorrow.
  • technology-poltics-co01-ferguson

    World on Wi-Fire

    Feel the chaos? Technology is feeding mind-boggling volatility everywhere.
  • sperm-fe02-dokoupil-lead

    You Got Your Sperm Where?

    Meet a 'donorsexual' on the web—and he'll service you anywhere. Plus, key moments in insemination history. By Tony Dokoupil.
  • texting-co03-ferguson

    Texting Makes U Stupid

    The U.S. is producing civilizational illiterates. How will they compete against America’s global rivals?
  • Marc-Andreessen-nb40-lyons

    Tech Bubble? Not Anymore

    Venture capitalists thought they would soon be cashing in as a new crop of tech stocks went public.
  • ghana-digital-waste-pieter-hugo-photos-slah-489

    Digital Dump

    The information-technology revolution has made us more globally savvy. It has also seeped poison.
  • tech-robots-nb30-lyons

    Who Needs Humans?

    As if American workers don’t have it rough enough, now there’s another threat: robots.
  • bipolar-child-kaplan-fe04

    Mommy, Am I Really Bipolar?

    Hundreds of thousands of children in the U.S. have been wrongly diagnosed. And the results can be tragic.
  • biticons-nb60-lyons

    The Web's Secret Cash

    A novel version of money is sprouting online, letting people shop in complete anonymity.
  • global-warming-OV01-wide

    How to Save the Planet

    How we live today is clearly unsustainable. Why history proves that is completely irrelevant.
  • natural-resources-OVNB03

    Got Water?

    Our warming planet is expected to face successive crop and water crises in the coming decades—which means each nation’s natural resources will be more crucial than ever.
  • geek-kings-NB40-intro

    Big Fat Story: The Geek Kings

    We may be in the middle of another tech bubble, but these guys don't feel it. From Groupon's $750million IPO to Ashton Kutcher's investment group, meet today's tech tycoons.
  • ideas-NB03-robot-tease

    NewsBeast: Ideas

    Watch out, Bono. A new machine orchestra may be the future of music.
  • nukes-nb40-wide

    Is There Any Kind of Safe Energy?

    The world holds its breath as Japan’s damaged nuclear reactors continue to spew radiation. In the worst case, a cloud of radioactive material could be blown inland, endangering millions. The crisis has forced a reexamination of American nuclear policy.
  • worlds-tsunamographs

    Measuring Tsunamis

    The NOAA took 20 years to develop a reliable tsunamograph, an apparatus that provides accurate, real-time data on tsunamis. It consists of an anchored, ocean-bottom pressure recorder and a companion buoy (called DART, for Deep-Ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis). The recorder, sitting at a depth of up to 5,000 meters, measures changes in pressure due to changes in water level. The recorder transmits acoustic signals to the buoy, which, in turn, relays the measurements of wave height to satellites. This information is then used to forecast the progress of a tsunami. Although each tsunamograph costs a mere $200,000, there are only about 50 in operation worldwide. There are scarcely any in the middle of the Pacific, and practically none in the Indian Ocean. Each dot on the map above represents a single buoy, an object about five feet wide that resembles a flying saucer. Many countries, such as India and Indonesia, have resisted acquiring DARTs from the NOAA out of a sense of ...
  • brain-begley-FE10-hsmall

    The Science of Making Decisions

    The Twitterization of our culture has revolutionized our lives, but with an unintended consequence—our overloaded brains freeze when we have to make decisions.