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  • schlinkert-OM06-facebook-rasmussen-main-tease

    Don’t Tell Mark

    The man behind Google Maps and the Facebook search engine on the pleasure of not knowing his way.
  • Ocean Exploration Sylvia Earle

    The Last Dive?

    Funding for 
human expeditions 
to the 
watery depths appears 
to have run aground. 
As legendary explorer 
Sylvia Earle says goodbye to the ocean floor, are machines good enough to 
take her place?
  • NB50-green-medicine-sepkowitz-main-tease

    Clean or Green?

    The u.s. centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently launched the One and Only Campaign, an endeavor aimed not—as the name might suggest—at promoting marital monogamy, but ­rather at reducing the improper reuse of certain medical devices. By its estimate, well over 100,000 Americans in the last decade have been exposed to infections such as hepatitis and HIV because of unsafe injections, such as reused needles or vials of medicine that have been dipped into more than once. These exposures have resulted in dozens of increasingly well-publicized outbreaks, such as the 21 cases of hepatitis C spread from one dialysis center in New Jersey. Indeed, the CDC now has a website to keep the public informed of the latest trouble.
  • Child Rearing

    Raising Kids the Primitive Way

    Hold them, share them, let them run free. Jared Diamond on why the traditional way of raising kids is better than ours.
  • pasta-crisis-FE02-main-tease

    The End of Pasta

    Temperatures are rising. Rainfalls are shifting. Droughts are intensifying. What will we eat when wheat won’t grow.
  • sandy-internet-NB03-main-tease

    The Team That Kept the Internet On

    A building in lower Manhattan—one of the world’s most important internet hubs—kept running, thanks to a small group of specialists.
  • snack-food-FE04-main-tease

    The Snack-Food Trap

    Science is now proving what we’ve long suspected: we’re hard-wired to want the foods that are worst for us.
  • mo-yan-OVNB10-main-tease

    Revolutionary Snark

    Nobel winner Mo Yan and the magical realism of China's micro-blogging platform Weibo. By Melinda Liu.
  • iphone etiquette

    In the iBathroom

    The unveiling of the newest Apple iPhone was greeted with typical fervor last week. The slimmest ever, it can be taken anywhere—including to the bathroom, where, statistically, you probably will use it.