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  • cornell-tech-fe01

    Silicon Island

    Will New York’s latest dream spawn the next Mark Zuckerberg?
  • Koolhaas

    The Next World Wonder

    When the Olympics hits the airwaves, Beijing will be broadcasting them from this new $900 million architectural masterpiece.
  • Safari

    Friend Me On Safaritube

    Clay Knight began his digital career by hacking into Deutsche Bank. Then Citi. Bank of America didn’t present too much trouble. Knight was one of the good guys: a double agent employed by the banks to penetrate the hacking community and work out the banks’ weaknesses. The anti-hacking software he helped develop was sold for $67 million: though after the venture capitalists got their money back, Knight only received enough to start up some small ventures of his own. He moved to a company that creates cutting-edge digital startups: always exploring, always hunting for that elusive “next big Internet thing.” But while the Facebooks and LinkedIns went mega, he could only look on.
  • god-particle-nb10-main

    The Godless Particle

    The media-adopted name for the Higgs Boson, believed to be discovered this week, couldn’t be more misleading. Lawrence M. Krauss explains how the particle could finally dispense with the idea of a supernatural creator.
  • technology-ed01-tease

    Warp Speed

    Digital gadgets are changing our brains.
  • internet-destroyer-cascio

    The Internet as Destroyer

    Despite the Internet’s power, a government bent on control can still shut it down. But rulers quickly discover that doing so harms their own interests, Jamais Cascio writes.
  • women-digital-list-sklar-tease

    Invisible Woman

    Who’s missing from this list? All the digital ladies! It’s time to look where we’re not looking.
  • digital-age-harkaway

    A Digital Citizenship Revolution

    We don’t get a free pass on bad behavior just because it’s online, says novelist Nick Harkaway. We’ve had the Internet long enough to start taking our life on it seriously.
  • sleep-nb52

    Sleep In!

    Waking up early is making us fat.