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  • 20120116-us

    Buff Your Brain

    Want to be smarter in work, love, and life? Scientific advances offer proven ways to enhance your gray matter.
  • brain-on-happiness-fe03

    Your Brain on Happiness

    Mindfulness meditation is being rediscovered as a very modern—and medical—path to personal nirvana.
  • 31-ways-get-smarter-smartphone

    31 Ways To Get Smarter In 2012

    Read stuff. Learn new languages. Master chess. Zone out. Getting a bigger brain is easier—and more fun—than you think.
  • god-particle-fe11

    In Search of the God Particle

    Scientists have spent decades looking for the elusive Higgs boson. They may have just gotten one step closer to finding it.
  • god-particle-fe11b-rees

    Back To the Beginning

    The possible discovery of the Higgs boson leads us one step closer to how the universe started—and where it may be headed.
  • cancer-fe05sidebar-cell

    The Road to a Cure

    Unlike current treatments that attack both cancer cells and the immune system, vaccines rally the body's natural immune system to eliminate tumors.
  • If Facebook Goes Public

    The $100 Billion Bet

    Facebook reportedly plans to go public next year. Here's what it will mean for the major players.
  • alex-wek-hunger-nb40

    Alek Wek's Hunger Diary

    Africa is famished. America is fat. Sudanese-born model Alek Wek, now living in Brooklyn, knows both worlds. As told to Abigail Pesta.
  • sex-addiction-lee

    The Sex Addiction Epidemic

    It wrecks ­marriages, ­destroys ­careers, and saps self-worth. Yet ­Americans are being ­diagnosed as sex ­addicts in ­record numbers. Inside an epidemic.
  • bloombergs-ny-fe05

    Bloomberg's Plan for World Domination

    With an army of reporters and wonky information services, the media company is expanding from Wall Street to Washington, Where it hopes to control—even more.
  • rent-my-life-fe03

    Rent My Life!

    Get a job? yeah, right. there's a much quicker way to make a buck when the economy's in the tank.
  • hedy-lamar-book-om03

    Brainiest Bombshell

    How the world’s most beautiful woman helped invent GPS, Wi-Fi, and a homing torpedo.
  • brain-spending-fe02-begely

    Stop! You Can't Afford It.

    New science unveils how your brain is hard-wired when it comes to spending—and how you can reboot it.
  • tech-seer-jobs-fe25

    The Tech Seer

    Steve Jobs wasn’t always right, but his ability to foresee innovations was uncanny. Here are a few of his more remarkable predictions.
  • jobs-flops-fe13sidebar-interactive-tease

    The Wilderness Years

    The bleakest time in Jobs’s career would turn out to be his most productive.
  • aple-design-fe24-inline1

    Design Different

    Steve Jobs’s true genius was in design—from phones to retail, he reshaped our world with a look that was cool, clean, and friendly.
  • frenemies-gates-fe16

    The Best of Frenemies

    The relationship between Gates and Jobs was always complicated, sometimes nasty, and, in the end, surprisingly tender.