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  • running-OVGL01-vl

    Exploring High-Tech Ways to Run Faster

    A whole range of high-tech products has emerged to satisfy the hunger for greater speed. At the top of the technology food chain are altitude tents and masks, which pump oxygen-deprived air into a small space to trigger an adaptation in blood chemistry.
  • oil-spill-death-intro

    Don't Just 'Do Something'

    Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is desperate: millions of gallons of BP's crude are launching an amphibious assault on his beaches and wetlands. So let’s do the math: desperation + a pol’s "do something" mentality = a loony decision to build 14-foot sand berms.
  • trendy-digital-ipad

    Six Strange iPad Accessories

    We’ve been here before: the period right after a major gadget is released when strange doodads—like an entire bed made to complement the iPod—start to pop up.
  • should-clean-oilspill-animals-wide

    Should We Clean Oiled Animals?

    Rescuers have cleaned hundreds of oily birds and turtles. But what are their long-term odds? Would euthanasia be more humane?
  • ballmer-microsoft-lyons-hsmall

    Drumbeats: The Tech Press Turns on Microsoft's Ballmer

    Microsoft has a problem—a big one. The problem is not just that its CEO, Steve Ballmer, has had a disastrous 10-year run. That’s been obvious for a while now, as I first pointed out last October in a piece titled “The Lost Decade—Why Steve Ballmer is no Bill Gates.”...
  • migrant-workers-health-care-INTRO

    El Mercado Negro De Médicos

    La necesidad creciente de doctores hispanos y la dificultad de obtener una licencia médica en USA ha llevado a muchos latinoamericanos a ejercer la medicina ilegalmente
  • migrant-workers-health-care-INTRO

    Hispanos: lo mismo no sirve para todos

    En las campañas de promoción de la salud, la diversidad es un factor esencial para acercarse a la comunidad Latina. Esta es una de las claves con las que trabajan varias organizaciones.
  • migrant-workers-health-care-INTRO

    Black-Market M.D.s

    A growing need for Hispanic doctors and the challenges of obtaining an American medical license have many Latin America–trained doctors practicing illegally.
  • Natural-Gas Pipeline Explodes in Texas, but Energy Industry Remains Strong

    Earlier today, a natural-gas pipeline in Texas exploded, killing at least three people and injuring several others. It's a very bad blow to an industry currently crippled with a terrible public-perception problem: despite the limited success of the containment cap, the oil spill in the gulf continues to wreak havoc in the water and on the coastlines. But it's nothing the industry can't overcome.
  • gal-apple-seeds-innovation-

    Technology: Apple iPhone 4 Versus Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduces the new iPhone 4, and it’s a beauty—sleek, slim, with a forward-facing camera for doing video chats, a better screen, and longer battery life. So why is it playing catch-up to a Sprint phone that’s running Google Android?
  • migrant-workers-health-care-INTRO

    Barriers to Health Care for Hispanics

    While millions of Americans of all backgrounds face the problem of being unable to access care because of a lack of insurance or inadequate coverage, Latinos are far more likely than people in other racial and ethnic groups to be unable to afford or get care when they need it.
  • smart-phone- vl

    How the Web Affects Your Brain

    The "Google makes us stoopid" argument is a perennial of modern life, and right now, it's in season. The most thorough take on the topic is Nicholas Carr’s new book, "The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains," but anyone who's been spending a lot of time surfing is probably going to be so distracted by e-mails and Facebook, etc., that he won't be able to finish the book.
  • Sea Nettle - Jellyfish,x-default

    What the Spill Will Kill

    Giant plumes of crude oil mixed with methane are sweeping the ocean depths with devastating consequences. ‘I’m not too worried about oil on the surface,’ says one scientist. ‘It’s the things we don’t see that worry me the most.’
  • gal-tease-worst-enviro-disa

    More Bad News: Oil to Travel up the Atlantic Coast

    Using computer models of ocean currents, scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, part of the Commerce Department, conclude that once the oil in the uppermost ocean has been picked up by the Gulf of Mexico's energetic Loop Current, it is likely to reach Florida's Atlantic coast within weeks.
  • techshifts-unlimited-data-plan.jpg

    AT&T Axes Unlimited-Data Plan

    Struggling to keep up with the pace of smart-phone adoption in the United States, AT&T announced that it will eliminate its unlimited-data plans for the devices and replace them with a two-tiered system.