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The Other Healthcare Reform Bills

With Trumpcare in limbo due to lack of GOP support, here are some other ideas for how to change Obamacare—and address the cost of drugs.

Opioid Dependency Begins Soon After Initial Use

According to a new study, just a few days of opiate painkillers can lead to long-term use, a strong indicator of dependency. The finding could help guide doctors' prescribing habits and discussions with patients.

Shining an Ultraviolet Light on the Universe

Mapping the universe requires measuring ultraviolet light, an impossible feat until now. A new technique is enabling astronomers to create ever more accurate models of the vast reaches of space.

The Deadly Fungus Among Us

Aflatoxin, a fungal poison present in many staple food crops, is a global health threat. Scientists have now created a strain of corn that prevents production of the toxin. But resistance to GMO crops could thwart its use.