Intimidated by all those sleek, pricey digital cameras? Lomo's new underwater Frogeye is low tech, low stress, and high fun. Lomo, the cult brand that originated in St. Petersburg, Russia, and is now based in Vienna, makes simple, lightweight cameras popular for the woozy, color-saturated images they produce. The Frogeye ($75; is sturdy for a Lomo and features an automatic flash and film advance (most Lomos are manual). Its flash is strong and works underwater as far away as 15 feet from your target. Take it snorkeling (down to a depth of 12 feet), poolside, out in the rain or into the shower. Just don't expect crystal-clear, professional images--Lomos are for spontaneous, artsy shots, not for chronicling weddings. Need inspiration? The enclosed manual is filled with aquatic images taken by members of the so-called Lomographic Society--thousands of Lomo fans worldwide. For more photos, check

Besides the flip-book, the Frogeye comes chock-full of extras, like a roll of 35mm film, a neoprene carrying case, a mini-blower to keep it dry and sand-free--even batteries. All you'll need is your swimsuit.