This Easter, hunt for digital "Easter eggs"--hidden extras on your favorite DVDs. Once a cult-fan secret, these concealed outtakes and trivia cards are (not) showing up in more and more films.

To begin, choose a disc (your best bet is a special edition) and scout the main menu for secret buttons. For example, try to scroll up even if it appears you can only scroll left or right. Some eggs are more difficult to find: take a gander at less popular menus like sound. Stumped? The first disc of "The Two Towers" extended edition comes with a link to Gollum's bleep-laced acceptance speech at the MTV Movie Awards. To find it, skip to the last page of select a scene, scroll below the chapters and select the hidden ring that pops up. On the "Matrix Revolutions" DVD, out this week, select the second disc's white-rabbit icons to watch behind-the-scenes featurettes. For more extras, go to and look up "Gladiator," "Memento," "Spider-Man" and other titles. They're treats even the Easter Bunny can't deliver.