That’s Mister Tilda Swinton To You

Tilda Swinton, who won an Oscar this year for "Michael Clayton," stars in the Coen brothers comedy "Burn After Reading." She spoke to Ramin Setoodeh.

One of your fans writes about you online, "This dude is my favorite actor."
Really? It's a very nice compliment to be called a dude.

Is it true you don't like wearing makeup?
Well, I mean, I love wearing makeup. But if you want to look like yourself, it's not such a good plan. You end up looking like someone else.

Are you wearing makeup now?
Right now? Not a stitch. I'm not actually wearing any clothes right now. The man who's driving the car is enjoying this very much. No, he's enjoying the joke. There isn't time. Think how much time it takes people to get made up.

I wouldn't know. I'm a guy.
Well, so am I, then. And there are people who think I am.

Where's your Oscar?
I gave it away to my agent.

Did you even keep it for a night?
I took it to Scotland, as some kind of proof mechanism, and everybody got bored with it after four or five hours.

Believe it or not, I feel it's almost sacrilegious to say this, it really doesn't mean that much to people where I live. In my house, they don't even recognize the shape of it. We don't even have a television. They were kind of intrigued with it, like they'd be intrigued if you had come in with a cucumber and put it on the table, and say, "This is interesting."

What are the Coens like?
They completely rock. They have this very strange system of being able to laugh during takes. I've never met filmmakers who had the license, or the agreement with the sound guy, to guffaw during takes.

Does it interrupt you?
No. The only thing is, if they don't laugh, you feel bad.

Every woman in America will be jealous of you for jumping into bed with George Clooney.
And he shows his nipples.

Did you see more than that?
More than his nipples? That's definitely a "no comment."