Theme Parks

Amusement parks have had a busy winter of construction. Now you can spend your summer riding the rails--and slides. Tip Sheet maps the best new attractions:

BorgAssimilator Now open at Paramount's Carowinds, Charlotte, N.C. Trekkies get beamed up on a flying roller coaster that reaches speeds of 50 miles per hour. It's fast enough to blow off your Spock ears.

Revenge of the Mummy Universal Studios (opens May 21 in Orlando and June 25 in Hollywood). A massive indoor coaster with dips and CGI special effects. It'll scare you--but not as much as Brendan Fraser's acting.

Journey to Atlantis SeaWorld, San Diego (opens May 29). This water ride, with simulated earthquakes, water cannons and a 60-foot plunge, will be the park's biggest attraction. Sorry, but Shamu can't swim along.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror California Adventure, Anaheim (opens May 5). A fat drop, based on Disney World's. Amy Henry of "The Apprentice" tried a test run last week and got fired... up.