The Things I Rented

Photo illustration by Newsweek; (Photo) Jake Stangel

things-i-rented-trailer Illustration by Newsweek

Our refurbished 1958 Shasta "canned ham" trailer really brought home the bacon: interest was high from the moment I listed it on


Bridget said she hates mailing packages; so do I, but for $20 fee I was able to conquer my aversion and send her boxes.

things-i-rented-bike Illustration by Newsweek

I rented my daughter's wheels to a mom who wanted to try the bike out for her son. I gave her a good rate because it's a girl's bike.

things-i-rented-guitar Illustration by Newsweek

My precious guitar was gathering dust; now, thanks to a guy name Josh, it's gathering dollars in my bank account.


Hillary, who lives in France, said she'd rather rent from an individual than a corporation. She returned our Saab unscathed.

things-i-rented-mattress Illustration by Newsweek

I was worried that a guy from Texas named Ronald Lee might be a felon, but he turned out to be a delight.

things-i-rented-dog Illustration by Newsweek

Jude had seen dogs for rent in Japan, so my Craigslist ad didn't faze her. She was thrilled to pay $3 for an hour of fetch with our border collie. Julia and Tim also thought it was worth $3 to rent a dog for their kids instead of committing to canine ownership.

things-i-rented-sander Illustration by Newsweek

Amy said it seemed wasteful to buy a sander, and she liked the feeling of renting from a neighbor.

things-i-rented-barbcue Illustration by Newsweek

Our backyard deck was lying fallow until Romy and her friends rented out for a Sunday-afternoon party.