Three Tiny Cars with Huge Mileage

The Most Fuel Efficient Cars Antoine Antoniol / Bloomberg-Getty Images

The Mini Cooper, Honda Fit, and Smart cars are stalling. Here are three 2013 imports aiming to revive the small-car market with huge highway mileage.

Alfa Romeo Mito

65 mpg*

By every indication, the MiTo should be a hit. With 8.8 cubic feet of storage and TomTom navigation built in, its zippiest model goes from zero to 60mph in eight seconds.

Fiat 500

71 mpg*

The original was mocked as an acronym for “Fix it again, Tony.” Now that Fiat has taken over Chrysler, the new model—with seven airbags and a Beetle-like look—should fare better.

Tata Nano

61 mpg

It’s the world’s cheapest car ($2,200) for a reason: no power steering, airbags, or A/C, and a two-cylinder engine. The U.S. version will be more substantial and costly.