Tickets: Buy, Barter … Beg

A mid-August lottery for seats to Barack Obama’s Thursday night acceptance speech left many Coloradoans without a seat. But in the spirit of the nominee’s campaign, ticketless supporters haven’t given up hope. Instead, they’ve turned to the Denver Craigslist to buy, barter and beg for tickets.

“NEED Obama/Democratic Credential/Ticket-PLEASE!!!” is among the dozens of desperate pleas that have hit the site’s “wanted” page in the past week. Posters range from from a high school student lamenting a lack of connections to a Canadian flying in for the event on the chance of scoring some access. They’re all willing to pay big--the going price seems to be somewhere around $500--and some are willing to barter. One poster last Sunday offered up his two “Daily Show” tickets for a chance to see Michelle Obama speak.

So far at least one Obama fan has gotten lucky: Dan Pailas, a life-long Democrat from Boulder, put up a listing in mid-August and, last week, scored a ticket for a mere $75. “The guy seemed a bit remorseful when he handed the ticket over,” he tells NEWSWEEK. “I think he realized he had friends who might have wanted to go. But it was definitely my lucky day.”