Tin Medals: The Worst of the First Day of the Olympics

India's Shiva Keshavan is one of three Olympians from the country who won't be able to compete under their flag. Andrew Milligan/PA Wire/AP

India’s three-person contingent marched in the opening ceremony under the Olympic flag as opposed to their country’s flag because the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) is suspended from the Olympic movement. Two high-ranking officials were “charge-sheeted” in corruption cases and although the IOA had more than 13 months to remove them and hold new elections to replace the pair, it decided to wait until its scheduled election date: February 9. Moving up the election even one week would have allowed the three Indian athletes -- a luger, a cross-country skier and an alpine skier -- to compete under the Indian flag while wearing Indian uniforms. Now, should any one of the trio win the nation’s first Winter Olympics gold medal (granted, it is unlikely), they will not hear Jana Gana Mana, their nation’s national anthem.


During the opening ceremony, one of the five Olympic rings failed to light. Olympic mistake During the opening ceremony, one of the five Olympic rings failed to light. Grigory Dukor/Reuters


The Russian police choir performed Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.” No, that’s not gay.


On Thursday night U.S. male figure skater Jeremy Abbott botched his first routine in the men’s team figure skating competition and then finished seventh out of 10 with a 65.65 score. To understand how poorly Abbott did, you need not understand figure-skating judging; you only need to have watched the dance contest scene in Silver Linings Playbook.