Today in Tabs: All Spoilers

A semi-random daily roundup of Internet news which we expect will be useful in a couple centuries when they get around to figuring out what went wrong. REUTERS/Zoran Milich

Neetzan Zimmerman announced Friday that he was leaving Gawker to become Chief Tween Angst Editor for meme-garbage app startup Whisper. Gawker will miss the revenue generated by Zimmerman's 100 million unique monthly confused Facebook moms.

Snapchat is run by jerks, there's no question of thatCEO Evan Spiegel even manages to make Carson Daly look relatable. But Forbes pushed things a little too far with this oh-no-he-didn't! story about Spiegel givingMark Zuckerberg the brush off. Turns out, uh, no he didn't.

Brian Stelter's move to CNN seems to really be paying off.

Today in Forgiveness: Disgraced former Scientific American blog editor and serial harasser Bora Zivkovic attempted a return to blogging. So far it's not going very well. It's linked in both the previous tabs, but still don't miss this hilariously roundabout 5,000 word apologia by Zivkovic's friend Anton Zuiker.

Rap Genius is back on Google. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Jon Krakauer follows up his (really good) Three Cups of Deceit investigation of CAI's Greg Mortenson with Is It Time to Forgive Greg Mortenson. SPOILER: No.

Gun marketer (sorry, "journalist") Dick Metcalf is sad that his suggestion that all rights have some limits led to his readership of heavily-armed fanatics turning on him. The NYT piece makes it clear that gun magazines are captured gun industry mouthpieces to an extent that would make even tech bloggers blush.

Oh, Penis TreeHyperobjectsBest acts of Wikipedia vandalism (skip to #11). What is the source code shown in films and TV? (I ALWAYS wonder this!) Payment Service Name GeneratorSTFU Parents Christmas editionExecution by dog was misconstrued satire, which we at Tabs consider part of the "hoax" family. Canada is burning its science libraries.

Felix Salmon points out that Netflix has responded to the steep decline in streaming content it offers by dumbing down its own recommendations and going for duration instead of satisfaction.

"The secret of modern Britain is there is no power anywhere."

Kara Swisher questions what the implications of Yahoo's absolutely not impending sale of Yahoo Answers might (or might not!) be for the company. SPOILER: this article literally doesn't make any sense at all.

Forbes profiles 450 people under 30 who have jobs which I assume is all of them. Also check out Terrible Magazine's companion piece, "29 Positive Integers Under 30."

Yesterday in Tabs: It's really cold in a lot of the US right now, so this is a good time to revisit this Outside Magazine story about what it's like to freeze to death. I think about this story pretty much weekly.

How Are We Extracting Naked Men From Our Washing Machines Today? Olive oil

Tomorrow in Tabs: Pacific Standard has a raft of new stories I haven't had a chance to read yet, but will. And CES started today which is sure to lead to tabs. Meanwhile, Paul Ford, Anil Dash and I visited CES Eastin our imaginations and liveblogged what we'd like to have seen.

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