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Doing something about "love locks" Charles Platiau/Reutesr

Good afternoon! There are no terrible tabs today, everything is basically great and well worth checking out.

For example: Buzzfeed Ideas launched yesterday, with New Inquiry alum Ayesha Siddiqi editing. And if you thought somehow Siddiqi was going to spend a couple months acclimating to Peretti's Temple of Swedish Fish and come out with a few listicles, you should probably think again. Launch day includes Siddiqi, Durga Chew-Bose, and Heben Nigatu on the Mindy Project, Molly Crabapple on how women are sanctified in political conflict but only as objects of martyrdom, and Alok Vaid-Menon on being brown and bearded in post-9/11 America, among others. You're reading the thoughts of a middle aged white dude right now, so you pretty much owe it to yourself and the universe to go read some of those things next.

Adrienne LaFrance is back with a new Antiviral, identifying and exposing the nonsense that is the air we breathe and the water we swim in, because we're... air breathing fish, I guess, in this awkwardly mixed metaphor? Moving right along:

People are abandoning wearables in droves. Someone is trying to do something about the idiotic "love locks" fad. If MH370 has any silver lining, it may be airlines finally overcoming their reluctance to monitor their planes, and joining your thermostat, toaster, front door lock, and underwear in the Age of Big Data and Internet of Things. The New York Times suggests that the future of money might actually be: Money. Not convinced? Try this amazingly realistic Bitcoin simulator. I'm really enjoying Selfies lately. And the Wachowskis have a new movie coming out, about a space-queen who controls... bees? Whatever, you'll see it anyway. We'll all see it.

Choire reviewed Arianna Hufflepuff's new book, and the review is everything you dreamed it could be!

Ta-Nehisi Coates is still with us and writing, which is a daily cause for happiness that we might occasionally forget to take note of.

The Wolf of Buzzfeed. Is it wrong that I actually want to see this movie?

Ok I guess not everything is perfect. The weather for Dorset and Somerset in the UK is: BLOOD RAIN followed by CHOKING DEATH SMOG. The US Navy is building three $5 billion 610-foot long stealth drone destroyer ships, because the United States is the best country to trust with those. Corporate-assisted selfies remain a thing not punishable by death. Mike Arrington is still being forced to touch people. Pastry Rats and Today in No. [Previous two tabs Via]

Tiny-faced heterosexuality enthusiast and Indonesian intolerance-booster Brendan Eich is still CEO of Mozilla, despite calls for boycott from both OkCupid and the National Organisation for Marriage, somehow. Eich's take on the controversy? "I think I'm a good fit for [the job]. I'm doing a great job at it." Lol. That interview is a masterpiece of blithe self-regard, it's really worth a read.

Amazon introduced a streaming TV box today that you're supposed to control with your voice, like a person without fingers. It is not free, but in fact $99. It'll probably sell great and pretty soon we'll all be sitting around talking to our tv remotes and ignoring the BLOOD RAIN that is eternally falling outside.

And today started out so optimistically.

Today's Nerd Revelation: ASCII-Delimited Text I never even knew...

Today's Song: Sage Francis, "Vonnegut Busy"

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