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The backpack as metaphor Aly Song/Reuters

It's Friday, is anyone in the mood for reading things or thinking? I know I'm not. I sort of want to just embed a bunch of tweets and maybe some youtube vids and call it a week but all right, look:

You want to talk fashion? Here's ReadWrite on what the male hacker is wearing when he goes to his boy-job in the men's technology industry, located in a valley where women do not exist, apparently. Honan went to F8 and took the free $100 Swedish hipster backpack, thank you very much. I mean read the rest too because it's vintage stone-washed Honan, but Kate Losse has a characteristically sharp reading of the backpack in particular. Some women have short hair, and The Times is ON IT. But... what can men do?

You know what's fashionable? Art is fashionable. Look at these idiots shopping for art. Here they are in cartoon explainer form saying words or something! I don't know, you think I'm gonna read the words scattered in no apparent order among those pretty drawings? Judging people is always in style too. Here's Ned Hepburn in Esquire concern-trolling the hell out of Jennifer Lawrence. And here's Sarah Miller with the response, in The Hairpin. To which Hepburn says "I totally agree with [Sarah Miller]; her article was gr8." But weirdly his piece of garbage is still online! Huh.

Today in Bad Explainers: How about this chart of US population by ethnicity? I'm in Maine so I guess I'm an "Other." Did you think racism was long over? I mean we pretty much all did right? Well it turns out its not! And The Upshot is ON IT. What better way to understand poverty than by taking a tour of a place Poors live? And finally, if you're like me, you frequently think: "I like this hamster, but I wish it could be more... flat?" Well finally there is an explainer of (hamster-safe!) hamster flattening for us!

Today in Deep Holes: A street in Baltimore collapses into the void of despair that yawns underneath all of Baltimore (watch to the very end, trust me). Meanwhile, in Chatham Massachusetts, a very Cape Cod emergency is underway. The ocean is the deepest hole on earth that is not composed of human self-loathing, and here are ten awesome gifs of weird deep-ocean creatures.

I have all this smart-media-reader stuff bookmarked like Matt Novak on how Silicon Valley language is poisoning our brains, and Felix Salmon on journalists and scoops and... other activities, and Chait with more about the Clintons and the media. I've got Adage Magazine (Motto: "When you really need an adage, a stitch in time saves nine!") on the National Magazine Awards, and this straight-up laffer by the post-relevant Tina Brown on how Hillary should become a post-President, whatever the hell that is.

But you know what made me happiest today? This dumb Buzzfeed listicle about things that are definitely 100% legit. Thanks Jess Misener, you win Friday!

Friday and I'm like

Today's Song: Röyskopp & Robyn "Do It Again"

~It was a miracle of rare device, a sunny pleasure-dome with tabs of ice!~

Today in Tabs honestly spends about as much time on the quote and this sign-off as I do on the whole rest of the thing. That seems wrong. And I would try to change it but it's already happened again today. So, quickly then: Newsweek, email, @Rustyk5, have a great weekend!