Today in Tabs: It Happened to Us All

Race relations in yoga, finding out if women like fedoras and Neanderthal DNA. Nikola Solic/Reuters

It Happened To Her: a black woman got all in her skinny white girl area. And she felt feelings and cried! And then it happened to all of us. And it kept happening. It literally would not stop happening. Can we try to stop it from happening any more?

The Nation certainly thinks it's happened before, and that it's happening all over again. Choire made a fairly dark joke and a whole lot of it happened to him in a hurry.

But you know what else is happening? Major news organizations are having opinions about women's pubes again! The New York Times has made it a monthly feature, it appears. The Guardian took the downstairs upscale, leading off with Ruskin, but the message is the same. If you're having trouble keeping track of the euphemisms, Allie Jones has you covered, in the Wire. No pun intended.

Kind of on the nose, but: "Do women really not like the 'fedora' persona?" asks Reddit.

Charlie Warzel took essentially the same sources I used in yesterday's third paragraph, and made them into a really sharp article about how media technology is the essential context of new media ventures, pointing out the blind spot most media critics have for tech. Do read it, it's terrific.

Media, Also: CNN partners with Twitter and Dataminr. Herrmann revisits the new internet. What insane Florida news story are you? Blogging turns 20 this year, according to The Guardian's shall we say idiosyncratic accounting. But the reminiscences of Meg Hourihan, Dave Winer, and Justin Hall are well worth reading.

Back Tabs: Remember Tom Perkins? Sure you do. Well the WSJ still isn't done whining about how persecuted the rich are. And Michael Grimm apparently has quite a background, including alleged restaurant bathroom sex.

Today in Haxx: How @n lost his one-character Twitter handle by way of Paypal and GoDaddy. GoDaddy has admitted it was hacked. Another ugly tale of one weak service leading to a cascade of security breaches.

Headline Throwdown: Justin Bieber, International Man of Misery vs. Tinder is the Night. Tweet your vote for best headline of the day.

Google is selling its Motorola mobility unit to Lenovo for a $9.59 billion loss. But Matt Buchanan thinks it's for the best.

Hey girl, have you got any Neanderthal in you? New emoji include doge, lobster, selfie. 48 toothpicks for $20, sounds like a deal. DayZ looks like the grimmest, most un-fun game ever. Narcissistic Babies Can't Stop Taking Selfies. Need a domain? Here are 2,453 legit ones. Today in Frogs. Blue Bottle Coffee got some good news. Farhad got some bad news.

Today's Song: The new Chili Peppers Superbowl song is amazing!

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