Today in Tabs: Morning in America

Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert from Comedy Centrals Variety Show "The Colbert Report" poses backstage with his awards for Outstanding Variety Series and Outstanding Writing For A Variety Series Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

Revolutionary samizdat 'zine The Wall St. Journal risked everything yesterday to strike a blow for America's most oppressed class, the super-rich, by publishing an editorial by hunted dissident Charles Koch, currently on the run from the ghost of Saul Alinsky. And in another rare shred of good news for American billionaires, The Supreme Court struck down more of the brutal and unconstitutional restrictions on their First Amendment freedom to buy elections. It looks like morning again in America, where numbers are property, money is speech, and speech is terrorism.

¯_(ツ)_/¯: When the US intelligence community is in the mood for zany hijinks, it heads for Cuba. So where else would USAID go to create a Twitter clone for a convoluted plan to foment civil unrest in a social-media-cargo-cult operation that will surely come to stand as a synecdoche for 21st century American foreign policy as a whole. Also: The Islamic Sex Cult Supporting Turkey's Prime Minister, and "How to Explain Bitcoin to Your Mom" does not address the more important question of why you would want to explain Bitcoin to your Mom.

Ai Weiwei is shooting a secret sci-fi film called "The Sand Storm" in China!

I wonder if hooking up with James Franco via Instagram is common enough that it counts as a "key sex-related cultural moment for millennials?"

#CancelColbert: In The Nation, Michelle Goldberg charts the cyclical power of the anti-liberal left. And in Salon Suey Park talks about her revolution.

Late-Breaking Tabs: I was just handed this dispatch by a dusty Pony Express rider who looks plumb done-in. It appears that Brendan Eich has resigned as Mozilla CEO. No further information was available at press time.

Alexis Coe brings us a story about Tolstoy and George Bernard Shaw. Game developers walk out of reality show over pressure to act sexist. Matt Mullenweg gave up his iPhone for Lent. We hold these dudes to be self-evident: A field guide to the United States of Bros. Salon somehow linked this tweet:

to this article about Glenn Beck today, which can't possibly be a mistake. Max Read has banned Reddit slang at Gawker which is unquestionably a major improvement. FizzBuzz Enterprise Edition, made by a serious businessman for serious business purposes. And in Germany, they're opening the world's first lesbian cemetery.

Tomorrow is Guest Tabs by Jessie Guy-Ryan so that's it for me this week and I'm like:

Today's Toy: The ASCIIcam

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