Today in Tabs: Nothing is Secret

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A cold wind blows, despite the sunny spring weather. Your shutters creak and slap against your office windows, despite you being in a high-rise in midtown. The lights in the bathroom shut off and a bunch of men shriek.

Rusty left a broken mirror under a pint of ice cream in a broom closet and summoned me, Jessie Guy-Ryan, to provide some tabs for your Wednesday.

Comment is Stupid: The Guardian will let just anyone write an op-ed for them, so David Foster’s taken the time to warn all of us that the Everyday Sexism project is some sort of terrible Orwellian anti-sex league and posits that the true liberal utopia is a society where you can just walk up to anybody on the street and ask if they’re DTF. I employed minimal hyperbole in this summary, so let that guide your decision to read it.

Today in Seeeeeecrets: Caroline O’Donovan over at the Nieman Journalism Lab writes an interesting piece on journalism’s use of secret-sharing apps, even though nothing that goes online is ever secret or private. And while Buzzfeed and Gawker and especially Whisper itself are on the cutting edge of sourcing just whatever, it’s fine, why would they say that if it isn’t true, ye olde Grey Lady continues to struggle to navigate the new media marketplace.

In other tech news, I had to double-check that this was not a joke, but it seems that Barbarian Group really makes everyone sit and work at a giant table they call the “superdesk” and has parties for their desk and I think they don’t allow people to put coffee on it? But now we all know that France still has Counts, and they are contributing to the world by making liquor that challenges the cultural status quo. There is a valuable takeaway in every tab and it is up to you to find it with your eyes and your heart. In Model View Culture, Shanley Kane argues that there are good things coming out of VC and as much as all of those examples sound nice, I still think there is plenty of evidence that radical wealth redistribution is the real disruption the tech sector needs. “The Quora IPO is not happening anytime soon, because the company has no revenue.” Quora is currently valued at $900 million.

The Superdesk (Count Armagnac not pictured)

If the Internet Works Hard Enough, It Will Solve Racism: An analysis about an analysis about an analysis about an analysis about an analysis about--ok, you get it, it’s another #CancelColbert piece but it’s not a bad point at all that Brittney Cooper is making. A Fox News anchor conflated the national college basketball organization with another organization, bet you’ll never guess which one.

Tiny Tabs Adventures: Some people just get stuck raising little assholes but this Canadian dentist is going to use the power of science to make sure he ends up with one. If you have lost the ability to feel temperature with your skin or read numbers or understand meteorologists, you can spend $.99 plus tax to have your phone tell you whether you should put ice in your coffee. This might be an unpopular opinion, my tab friends, but the actual Firefly theme song is GARBAGE, THERE, I SAID IT, so here are some alternatives to play when you rewatch the show, which I assume we all do fairly regularly [Firefly is awful. --RF]. I genuinely hope Bernice Youngblood writes her killjoy son out of her will. My great great aunt ran a boarding house but only allowed attractive male college students to live there, was married seven times, and had multiple nursing home affairs so I say #LETBERNICEGETIT. Where are the CNN interns who regularly move the black box around so plane coverage never has to end, is what I want to know. Me irl, courtesy Slate. George W. Bush using Wikipedia photos as references for his paintings is going to be described as a groundbreaking outsider-art technique 30 years from now, so shut up The Guardian.

Rusty will be back tomorrow I guess! [I will! --RF]

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