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The War on Poverty turns 50, media power couples, and Roger Ailes being as awful as you'd imagine. It's Today in Tabs! REUTERS/Fred Prouser

Yahoo's new tech columnist and noted obnoxious person David Pogue took to the stage at CES (skip to 2:00 unless you want to really suffer) to launch Yahoo! tech, which is yet another tech blog. But according to Pogue it's targeted at "Normals," since "Tech is coming faster and thicker every year." The man obviously has a way with words. "It looks like nothing else out there!" yelled Pogue, who has never seen his parent company's nearly identical photo-sharing site Flickr despite name-checking it in his speech.

Yahoo also dragged out its teenage marketing gimmick Nick D'Aloisio to introduce the Yahooo News Digest app which blah blah whatever honestly does anyone care? Meanwhile Tumblr is literally falling apart.

Approximately 50 years ago today, Lyndon Johnson announced an "unconditional war on poverty in America" and Nicolas Cage was born. Both have succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone's new vanity app Jelly finally launched yesterday. It lets you send a picture to your friend and ask them what it's a picture of. I'm not making this up. Sam at Valleywag is a tad skeptical, but Brit'screative director has already declared it a hit, referencing "the now seminole classic Bootylicious" in her review. No one ever called Path "seminole," sorry Dave. :(

As it has been written in the ancient prophecieswhen Coinye is threatened, only then will RonPaulCoin rise.

Today in Media: The Observer's Media Power Couples list came out, originally picturing the Verge's Josh Topolsky beside a very pretty woman who was unfortunately not his wife the Verge's Laura JuneThe error was regretted. The picture now shows them both, but they look kind of bummed out by the whole experience.

I don't really want to even say anything about this, but someone used an A.O. Scott tweet as a movie ad and people have felt compelled to talk about it so here's The NY Times Public Editor about thatI'm like.

Time-tanic creeps ever closer to iceberg.

Slobbering praise of Netflix ignores the fact that Netflix is only becoming a would-be HBO because it no longer has much content worth streaming.

This outstanding Ta-Nehisi Coates column about what it means to be a public intellectual led, unfortunately, to conversation about what it means to be a public intellectual.

Today in Hacks: Road Rules contestant hacked his way onto the show. 1971 FBI burglars speak out9/11 disability scammers arrested (that jet ski image... damn, son). Christie aides engineered traffic to punish political opponentRoger Ailes is as awful as you'd imagine. Ship flips vertically to act as a stable ocean buoy (via Alexis).


NatGeo uses lidar to look through the forest canopy and discover a lost New England. Hey, it's my home, I thought this was super cool.

Who Are We Unfollowing Today: E V E R Y O N E

Today's Song: Sage Francis feta B Dolan & Buddy Peace, "You Can't Win" off his new Sick to D(EAT)H mixtape

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